Genealogical Research

When I undertake a historical reconstruction project I usually receive a full brief which may include a historical survey, and where appropriate, relevant genealogical information. However there are a number of situations where I am called upon to do the historical background research for the client. I have been involved in serious genealogical research for almost 20 years and utilise local and international archives as well as on-line journal databases in order to accomplish this.

Family History Research

Whilst I have undertaken a number of personal family history research projects for clients my research expertise is mainly targeted towards medieval Ireland and in particular the Inishowen peninsular expanding outwards to the mainland counties of Donegal and Londonderry. Many people like to research their own family history using on-line databases and I do offer advice and guidance to anyone who has hit a brick wall with their own work.

I have an extensive collection of private source material available to me in order to conduct research in the following areas:

  • The MacFirbis Genealogies (Ireland)
  • The O’Cleary Genealogies (Ireland)
  • The Rawlinson Genealogies (Ireland)
  • The Laud Geneaologies (Ireland)
  • The O’Hart Geneaologies (Ireland & UK)
  • A range of Irish Annals from early history to mid 1600’s
  • Various early Irish manuscripts
  • A range of 18th & 19th century genealogical publications and surveys not held in other public repositories
  • 1841 – 1911 UK census records (1901 & 1911 Irish census records)
  • 1837 – 2005 UK Birth, Marriage and Death records
  • 1787 – 1892 Criminal records
  • 1677 – 1984 UK directories
  • Various UK and Irish Parish Records