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Archaeological Experience

This section showcases some of the archaeological excavations or courses that I have taken part in. They are formatted as dig diaries and give an indication of the experience gained. Each diary was written on the day and posted on my Facebook page. I have expanded the text a little further here and included additional photographic material.

3D Recreation Work

This section includes a selection of work showcasing 3D recreation projects. These are 3D models which have been constructed from archaeological records with a view to recreating the ‘idealised’ views from antiquity.


This section showcases some of my photogrammetric work. Photogrammetry reconstructs 3D models of real-world objects or places from photographic material. Sources include drone footage, hand held digital SLR photography, and studio camera rigs. My main interests lie in reconstructing 3D models from flawed data so most of my work is geared around non-ideal conditions.


I still undertake genealogical work from time to time and have an interest in social history. In this section I plan to showcase historical biographies from my own family as I continue to research their lifetimes. Where I have old photographs I will be restoring and showcasing them on their relevant pages.

Experimental Work

Here you will find material and projects which do not fit into any other category. Mostly this is my experimental playground.