Quick update on work done through February.

  • Began working on a reconstruction of the house of General Ramose (P47.19) general layout done for ground floor. Still deliberating the upper rooms.
  • Began blocking out the walls, ramps, and stairs for the Great Palace. I will be building Smenkhkare’s Hall this time around (I didn’t build it in the earlier version of the city)
  • Constructed a column based on Petrie’s findings and published in Petrie, W. M. Flinders. 1894. Tell el Amarna. London: Methuen & Co. Colours are not representative of how the model will be textured and are only present to assist in the UV mapping process.

Ramose (P47.19) WIP

Great Palace – laying out

Column (Maru-Aten) from Petrie

A quick test in Substance Painter