3D Reconstruction of M47.4 based on The Three-Dimensional Form of the Amarna House (pp. 123-152), by Dr. Kate Spence. View facing south west.

Just a quick update.

I’ve been spending a few days building a model of M47.4 based on the research of Dr Kate Spence, Division of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. Her article ‘The Three-Dimensional Form of the Amarna House’ published in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology vol.90 (2004), pp. 123-152, was a welcome addition to my own research in the reconstruction of the various Amarna houses. I have also constructed the interior and have began looking at how the interior would have been lit. I will be also looking at P47.24, the three storey building, once I have completed M47.4.

I will then do a short write up for the site giving details of my own observations.

View facing north


Sunset over M47.4


A few window grills added


Quick interior lighting test


Interior showing some of the rooms


Slightly different view of interior